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This started as a list of five or six places in Madrid and a few others dotted around but after a deluge of suggestions it is now getting a bit out of hand. I have not been to all of them but where I haven’t they have been recommended by impeccable sources. Let me know if I am missing any.


It is a great time to be a sherry-lover in Madrid, no doubt about it. This list is now so healthy I feel able to subdivide into some categories:

Destinations where sherries are king:

  • Surtopia – be ready to be amazed at the range of manzanillas and (some) sherries, and get stuck in to the cracking Andalucian food
  • Taberna Verdejo – not a fully sherry themed restaurant but superb cooking, even nicer people and they had an outstanding list of sherries before almost anyone else
  • Taberna Palo Cortado – an old school tavern – now at Espronceda 18-, with probably the longest list of sherries by the glass anywhere in Madrid
  • La Venencia – no website but some awesome (Emilio Hidalgo supplied) sherry from the cask (into bottles, then into your glass), old school service and even more old school surroundings
  • El Corral de la Morería – for not just sherries but fundamentally flamenco – has been highly, highly recommended by a number of friends and if it doesn’t have a review yet it is due simply to my inefficiency
  • Lakasa – no fewer than 19 top class, well chosen wines by the glass in this really top drawer bistro. Just gets better and better.

Destinations where wines (including sherries) come first

  • Angelita Madrid – an incredible wine list, a long and ever changing list by the glass and an incredibly knowledgeable team – probably the spot in Madrid for winelovers
  • La Fisna Vinos – a top drawer winebar run by a guy who really, really knows his stuff
  • Territorio Era – a really top quality corner of the world with brilliant wines and tasty tapas on the second floor of Mercado Barcelo. Absolutely excellent place
  • Wilda (Vinos Felinos) – the new star in the firmament, where all the cool kids appear to be going
  • Media Ración, by Cuenllas – one of my new favourite places in Madrid with a superb selection of wines (and food, service, decor, bread, coffee … absolutely top bombing)
  • Restaurante Vinoteca Garcia de la Navarra (and the Taberna de Pedro next door) – excellent, at times wonderful, unpretentious food, and a really boggling wine list including a good list of sherries and expert advice from the great Luis
  • Taberna Averias – another great little spot in Ponzano for sherry, wine or whatever
  • Tierra de Barros – another spot that has been highly recommended, catering to those lucky people to the North of Madrid

Top restaurants with top winelists, including abundant sherries:

  • A´Barra – every time I post this list I get told to go here but for whatever reason I haven’t been able to get in there (will keep trying)
  • Bibo Madrid – 38 sherries by bottle or glass in an outstanding new Madrid restaurant by Dani Garcia (spotted by my mate @adelaveg)
  • Sacha – maybe not the strongest list of sherries but this “tavern” run by chef’s chef Sacha is a great place to share your favourite bottles
  • La Malaje – had an absolutely cracking lunch here with a few glasses of Andalucian wine, in particular the wines of Montilla Moriles – excellent spot
  • La Buena Vida – a really high class (high end) bistrot with some excellent sherries, a superb wine list in general and some top advice on pairings from the lovely Elisa
  • Alabaster – an excellent selection of sherries by the glass and delicious modern Galician cuisine – stylish place too
  • Asturianos, which I was reminded of by Kike con K and which is indeed top class – famously open and in action on Sunday nights
  • Viavélez – a cracking little Asturian taberna/restaurant/bistro with an outstanding list of sherries
  • Kabuki Wellington is one of the finest restaurants I have been to anywhere and has a fantastic list of, amongst other things, sherries and manzanillas, and in Silvia a brilliant sommelier to help you pick ’em
  • Punto MX – Madrid’s temple to Mexican cuisine has a sneaky good list of sherries
  • Dabbawala has a small but perfectly formed list of sherries – five lovely wines on there and all bases covered
  • Kappo – an exciting new sushi restaurant with a pretty decent range of quality sherries
  • Arzábal – a classic high end tavern with a (short) list of high end sherries
  • Taberneros, new to me but even on google maps you can see they have a choice of sherries. Will explore. Again a great shout by Kike con K.

Jerez and el Puerto de Santa Maria

My first recommendation is to read this top quality post by m’colleague Soliciting Flavours – absolutely brilliant. You must read that if you plan to go. In addition, here are some other suggestions:

  • The first time I went to Jerez we had a cracking dinner of various tapas and lots of sherry in Bar Juanito
  • And we had an even better lunch washed down with some superb sherry in La Carbona
  • We also had a nice glass of oloroso listening to some proper palos in El Pasaje, a special place with old school sherries from barrels
  • La Moderna is recommended by Paddy Murphy – described it as “rough and ready” but he loves it in there apparently
  • El Almacen also gets a lot of recommendations in Jerez
  • We had a really memorable dinner in El Faro del Puerto (Puerto de Santa Maria) – excellent food, brilliant wine list and the main man is a real gent
  • Aponiente – the awesome restaurant of the “chef of the sea”, Angel Leon, and temple to the local wines


  • I cannot seriously post this page without mentioning the legendary Taberna Der Guerrita – an institution, a place of pilgrimmage, the cradle of the renaissance
  • Bar Casa Pedro Hernandez was cited by none other than Alvaro Giron Sierra as far superior to la Venencia – will have to try it
  • We had some absolutely outstanding wine in Joselito Huerta on Bajo de Guia (but to be fair we took it in with us)


  • I had the pleasure of meeting Raul, of legendary sherry destination Viña y Mar and still owe him a visit


The Malaga coast – where this blog was in fact born one long, long, weekend without a decent glass of anything in sight – appears to be a bit of a challenge in sherry terms but thanks to @Espetoblog, @garciayvazquez, @fhuidobrorein and Shawn Hennessey I have at least compiled a list of possibles:

  • The most consistently recommended spot is DomVinos in Malaga – but it is closed the Easter week I am down here
  • Restaurante Yierbeguena in Campillos are clearly commited (just look at that FB picture) but unfortunately a good hour’s drive from where I am
  • Los Marinos José has the reputation of being one of Spain’s finest seafood restaurants and have as good a winelist as anywhere in the area – this has been on my to do list for a good while and with a bit of luck … (Fuengirola)
  • You can apparently get a nice glass or so in top end restos such as BiBo, DG, Skina, Messina and el Lago (as one would expect)
  • and of course you can also get stuck into the local fortified wines – mainly sweet moscatel but look out for the dry ones (a personal favourite “el Trajinero Seco”)

Valencia – a long overdue addition to this page thanks to some great suggestions by Sabas Joosten, sommelier at the legendary De Librije in Zwolle

  • El Celler del Tossal has a list with some cracking and well chosen wines but the sommelier Luca has an even bigger selection of interesting stuff off the list – including Blanquito and even the Pitijopos
  • El Poblet/Vuelve Carolina – top sherries are on offer whether you dine upstairs or downstairs at Quique Dacosta’s places in town (ask for the upstairs winelist)
  • Canalla Bistro – also a top spot – apparently they surprised my man Sabas with a Manzanilla de Añada 2/11 to give you an idea
  • Ricardo Camarena – the mothership of Canalla also has a top wine list and some interesting sherries – the Velo de Flor by Bodegas Alonso (haven’t tried it yet)


  • Absinthium is a sherry temple, no question. Magnificent selection of wines and a knowledgeable and genial host.
  • La Matilde – a historic, old school restaurant, is another recommended stop for wine lovers, with a quite unbelievable cellar and some absolutely outstanding (and rare and old) sherries down there.

Asturias (What is it about Asturias and fine wines? There is a real passion up there.)

  • In Gijon an essential stop is the fantastic gourmet “space” that is Coalla Gourmet. To be honest I haven’t actually had sherry there but that was only because there was too much Champagne on offer
  • In Oviedo, I am told by Sibaritastur that 180ºC in Calle Gascona and La Tabernilla (in Plaza Pedro Menor) are betting heavily on sherries and manzanillas


  • Bodega Cigaleña (Santander) an absolutely legendary destination for any wine lover in Spain or beyond. Embarassed that I didn’t include it myself and thanks to Rodrigo from VinoVintageSantander for the reminder. Every week they post details of the wines they have by the glass – Palmas for €2.20! What?


  • Have been goggling in awe at the twitter stream of Maitea Taberna (Barcelona) and a quite unbelievable tasting of historic wines they organized recently. Even aside from Special occasions they look to have an excellent choice of finos and manzanillas on their list including some rare and interesting wines.
  • Alkimia Restaurant is said (by none other than Maitea Taberna) to have a stunning list of sherries
  • Monvinic (Barcelona, recommended by Alvaro Giron, and which I must admit I always thought was just a store) has an impressive list of sherries
  • Senyor Vermut (Barcelona, suggested by  Oscar Soneira of Hemoglovinum) which may be named after Barcelona’s preferred aperitivo but is in fact also a top spot to get sherries and the owner sounds like a great bloke.
  • Quimet-Quimet (Barcelona, again by Oscar) again, a vermouth bar, again with a grear selection of sherries.
  • Señorito (Barcelona, again by Oscar) said to be a patch, or better still patio, of Andalucia in the centre of Barcelona
  • L’Eusebi  (Barcelona, again by Oscar) yet another  vermouth bar with a clear affición for the good stuff
  • AQ Restaraunt,  (Tarragona, again by Oscar) owned by Ana and Quintin, a discerning fella and sherry fanatic who with a bit of warning is happy to arrange a set menu paired with sherries

Alicante – a store rather than a restaurant, but Tiza Y Flor looks (and sounds) like a must-visit for sherry fans (spotted by Federico Ferrer)

Pais Vasco

  • Nerua Guggenheim (Bilbao) is a top restaurant, with Michelin star and a star chef but it also has what must be pretty close to the perfect sherry list. Absolutely magnificent.
  • Essencia Wine Bar (Donostia) is a recommendation by Yolanda at Spanish Wine Lover, which should be all you need to know
  • Cork (Bilbao) looks to serve some cracking wines if their TL is any guide – another great shout by Spanish Wine Lover. I was up there a couple of weeks ago but when I breezed by they were closed.

England and Wales  

  • 67 Pall Mall – (London) a private club with almost certainly the finest winelist I have ever seen (and to be honest I have only seen a tiny portion)
  • Drakes Tabanco – (London) once referred to as the London office of Criadera.com
  • Rosita and the Sherry bar – (London) looks a great list they have on the Northcote Road
  • Bar Pepito is an institution in Kings Cross and, indeed, the entire Camino group – with locations in Kings Cross, Blackfriars, Monument, and Bankside (London) – have been recommended to me by colleagues over there
  • Capote y Toros (London) is said to have over a hundred sherries by the glass. Check out this cracking review by a real expert.
  • José Pizzaro who has a tapas bar and restaurants in Bermondsey and Broadgate (London) is another shout by VineInspiration
  • Bar Tozino – ham specialists and I am told (by the folks at Bar 44, see Wales) an essential stop if you are South of the river for a glass with Chuse (London)
  • Pata Negra Bristol which also has a fantastic current sherry list (Bristol)
  • Bar 44 have locations in Cardiff, Cowbridge or Penarth and come recommended by m’learned friend Soliciting Flavours


United States of AmericaMockingbird Hill in Washington DC have the right idea – anyone whose twitter handle is drinkmoresherry is into sherry alright. Recommended by noneother than ObiWineKenobi

  • Pata Negra, New York, really does have the most magnificent list of sherries, and with a name like that you would hope it has some magnificent pork products too (David Coffey, my fellow WineBerserker)
  • The River Oyster Bar, Miami, is a cracking spot with a small but well chosen list of sherries
  • Bar Bom Bolla in Wicker Park (Chicago), (Criadera)
  • Bordel upstairs at Black Bull in the Ukrainian Village, Chicago (Criadera)
  • Vera  1023 west Lake Street, Chicago, which has some cracking sounding tapas on offer  (recommended by both Criadera and my fellow WineBerserker Paul Miller)
  • Purple Pig on Michigan Ave, Chicago, (Criadera)
  • Barcelona Wine Bar – in fact a chain with 12 locations in Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts and DC (thanks to my man from DG Wine, Chateaulepuck)

Portland, Oregon (yes, it gets its own section, just look at that list)

Wellington, New Zealand

  • Avida Bar – due to their positioning on the date line/time line organized the first official sherry week event and, frankly, have a great range of sherries given how very very far they are away

15 thoughts on “Drink it

  1. En Oviedo hay dos locales apostando fuerte por estos vinos. Son el 180ºC en la Calle Gascona y La Tabernilla en la plaza Pedro Miñor


  2. De nada, para eso estamos amigo ;). Otro importante que se quedó fuera, el Velo de Flor en Zalla (Vizcaya). Un apasionado de esos vinos (incluso le dan nombre).


  3. Hola,
    Ya puestos, no olvidarse de la Cigaleña en Santander, donde la amalgama de vinos del Marco es muy amplia. No sólo puedes disfrutar de la nueva generación sino que también Andrés guarda algunas joyas del pasado.
    En cuanto a tienda, Jean Marcos y su tienda La Ruta del Vino, un gran tendero , con grandes referencias a la venta del Marco, con una gran conexión con Armando Guerra, el cual pudimos conocer en una cata reciente.



  4. No han vuelto como tal, pero Álvaro -alma mater de Velo de Flor- es el nuevo sumiller de Zárate, un restaurante con una estrella michelin en Licenciado Poza, en Bilbao, cerca del Cork. Tiene una buena carta de vinos, que va mejorando y en la que Jerez tiene un pequeño lugar.


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