(1) Fino with jamon iberico (the good stuff, mind), seafood, anchovies, sushi, and maybe best of all with some lightly salted almonds

(2) Manzanilla with fried fish (really thinking of Andalucian style pescaito frito here but the salinity and low acidity of the manzanilla also works perfick for fish and chips, salt and vinegar) but also great with olives and vinegary salads

(3) A big fino or an amontillado with asparagus, artichokes and brussels sprouts (not all at the same time) – the potency of the sherry really comes into its own standing up to these chlorophyl bombs. Can also stand up to bug saucy pasta dishes

(4) Big palo cortados and amontillados with roasted meats and tasty stews – even curries if you must (but be warned, the acidity will make the curry seem even spicier)

(5) Oloroso and callos a la madrilena – this is such a good pairing it makes both the callos and the oloroso sing out. If you love callos (as you should), you will love them more with a glass of oloroso, and vice versa.

Oloroso can in facr stand up to all sorts of spicy of food or even big tasty steaks or game. I resist having it with roast beef but will one day try

(6) Chicharones (fried pork rinds) and anything

And of course man does not live by food alone, so you could also consider this intriguing post on pairing sherries with cigars – worth some serious consideration.


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