El Amontillado Olvidado 1/5 to the rescue

A fella is suffering here – an inflamed nasal passage (sinusitis like but less runny) and a pounding head and the certain knowledge that tomorrow will be even worse. 

But this is just the job. Deceptively golden amber in colour, real walnut polish on the nose and the bags of flavour and punch on the palate. Top class, sizzling finish – real spice and bite. 

My symptoms are the same but the mood is substantially improved! 

Oloroso Mar 7

Rounding off a cracking lunch at Territorio Era with this Sanlucar oloroso from Mar 7. (In fact we had something after but this was the last sherry.) Not sure about the details of the wine but I would guess it has an average age of 15 years or so. 

It is a beautiful deep brown colour and has a saline, haybale, nutty nose. Nice and sharp on the palate but not excessively so, and attractive salty, nutty flavour to it. Not huge in profile or body either – a smooth, elegant, slightly smokey oloroso. 
Very tasty and very handy as a table wine.

Fino de añada 2009, Williams Colección Añadas 

These wines were pretty rare and I almost feel guilty for drinking so many of them. In my defense, I was given this in Territorio Era and had the chance to explain it to some friends for whom the concept of vintage finos was new. 

It is a fino from palomino grown in the Añina and Carrascal (de Jerez) pagos and harvested in 2009. Rather than being fed into a solera it has been statically aged as a vintage wine, with populations of flor living and dying in the one barrel. It was released by Williams & Humbert as part of a fantastic boxed set

As I have opined beforw, this fino seems to have retained some glycerin and, while the minerals and nuts are there, it also seems to have seen some oxidation, giving it a sweet creamy character. It has a zingy buzz up front and a fresh finish but in between it is full bodied and there is a sensation of juicy, fleshy fruit.

A really fun wine all round. 

Amontillado Tradición 

No more than a quick snifter last night at Taberna Palo Cortado but there is always time for a classic wine like this. Potent but one of the most beautifully elegant wines around. A quick search reveals that I have not posted about this wine before, which is shockingly remiss of me. I can assure you there have been a few glasses over the last year or so –

Said to be of much more than 30 years old, it nevertheless has a finesse and balance that escapes many of the dinosaurs you find around. The nose is piercing but refined and brandy-like, and on the palate it is dry rather than bitter, sharp and crisp and with a zingy salinity that is integrated into the lovely nutty and fruity/figgy and spicey flavours. Above all there is none of the astringency or old barrel flavours you so often come across.

A thing of beauty and everything an old amontillado should be.