Another long awaited reopening here in Madrid – Lakasa. The new edition is bigger, brighter, sleeker, in a cosy new location and, as promised, has a super list of sherries and manzanillas. 

There are 23 in total and 19 by the glass (and even 15 by the half glass, which strikes me as a fantastic idea). Some of them are absolute classics too – Fino ImperialToneles, the 1986 Oloroso de AñadaPandorga, and El Tresillo, to name just five, and I am told they have more in reserve to juice things up as necessary. The prices are very fair (you would struggle to beat some of these prices online, let alone in a restaurant) and the list also has a great structure: there are plenty of versatile wines in every category (El Fossi should be on every sherry list and it is here).

And all that without starting on the full wine list – 20 wines and ciders by the glass, 130 in total, including five from Jura (a Vin Jaune by the glass even) – and without getting stuck in to the menu.  Solids are not my hobby but the fiambre de callos I had was top notch – even the bread was delicious – and again nearly everything on the menu was available in half portions, which is great. 

Even the location is perfect – a 20 minute walk back to the office will look great on the old Apple health app tonight!


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