And so the post-Territorio Era-era begins and although the holidays may be over life must go on, which for this blogger includes finding a decent spot to refresh and replenish of a lunchtime. One that had been on my list for a while was Bache, and so I tooled along this week for what turned out to be a bit of an eye-opener.

You have to say that the list of sherries by the glass is absolutely magnificent. The highlight was a wine I am quite partial to which, unbelievably, was available by the glass (there is a clue in the picture), but I also counted 10 finos – from Jerez, El Puerto, and even Montilla Moriles – 6 manzanillas (including manzanillas finas, pasadas, and in between), 9 amontillados, 9 olorosos, 7 palo cortados, 2 creams, and 9 unfortified wines from the region. 52 wines in total, and a brilliant selection of 52 too: every style a sherry-lovers heart could desire, all top quality, and accompanied by some excellent little descriptions for the less experienced enthusiast. Absolutely outstanding. (The wine list had a load of other stuff from other regions and countries I think but to be honest I didn’t get past those first 20 pages.)

There is also good news for fans of the solid matter, in the form of a fun little menu fusing Andalucia and the far East. I was drawn to the ventresca of tuna like a moth to a flame, which was maybe pushing it in addition to the top class eggs with potatoes and camarones (and the little bao sandwiches, but who is counting). Fun stuff although to be honest the best of the three were the eggs, which arguably hadn’t been fused with anything (maybe after 15 years I am turning castizo).

A quality spot and an unpardonable omission from my list to date – well worth a visit and I will certainly be going back.


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