La Fisna Vinos 

Great night and a long overdue visit to La Fisna – a top quality new wine bar in Lavapies. 

We only had one glass of sherry – the frankly brilliant Tradicion Cream – but as you can see we had a choice of 11 crackers by the glass and more by the bottle from the sacristy/store in the back. Not that we only had one glass of wine – far, far from it. We had a goodish number of top drawer wines from Burgundy and, ahem,  surrounding areas. Different styles and profiles and really interesting contrasts – your man Iñaki really, really knows his stuff and for me at least it was a bit of an education.

We didn’t really get stuck in to the food,  but you certainly could if needed: simple stuff but perfect accompaniments to the main attraction (the rilletes in particular were top class). 

Cracking, convivial company too last night. All in all a brilliant spot. 


5 thoughts on “La Fisna Vinos 

  1. A 2009 Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese Auction Wine from the great Grosser RIng from the heart of the Mittelmosel region (Bernkastel area) for about 45 Euros was postively stunning wine, one of the best wines of its category ever tasted. Since most German winemakers are ‘splitters’, being so passionate about terroir they truy don’t care whether a marketable amount of wine is bottled from each batch from each miniscule plot.. This wine is supposed to lubricate the thirst of the ferryman that takes the imbiber across the Styx. The soil is chunks of hard blue Devonian slate and no fines at all. A wine of incredible depth and purity, Almost never sells for above $50, even the most exalted..


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