Ramiro Ibañez in Surtopia

My most sincere congratulations to Surtopia and Ramiro Ibañez for a great night last night and an epic lunch today. Yesterday was Jerez, oxidative wines and the fatty tuna. Today was Sanlucar, biological wines and the soft fleshy langostinos. I won’t give away more details because I know there is a full house due to dine tonight but look, both were top class.

Suffice it to say that:

First, Surtopia is really an excellent place. For any wine lover, and particularly a lover of the wines of Sanlucar and Jerez, it is already a fixture, but the food is better every time I go – the tuna with chimichurri de Sanlucar and the confit in manteca colorao last night and [a couple of the dishes today – spoilers removed] were outstanding.

Second, Ramiro Ibañez is the real, real thing. I have no less than 25 pages of notes from two meals. The bloke drops knowledge like it is confetti at a wedding and it will take me a while (maybe months) to absorb, let alone write up, everything I have learned over the last 24 hours. He is also a born educator: the 10 wines selected were unique, hard to get, and illustrative (to give you an idea, I had only tried two out of ten).

So if you are going tonight, I know you are going to enjoy. I wish I was going again!





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