Punto MX

I have been to Punto MX, Madrid’s stellar and Michelin starred temple to Mexican cuisine, several times but never asked for the wine list. They have a famous line up of mezcals and tequilas that are frankly excellent.

Given my new responsibilities, however, I thought I would have a peek today and, low and behold, a good, if small, selection of sherries. Nice range of basic and high end finos and manzanillas and nice, well priced wines. Being critical, I am surprised, there is no room on here for amontillado, oloroso or PX. I love the acidity and structure of oloroso, in particular, with spicey food, and I could definitely see a PX doing a job against those spices too.

Have to say the serv ice was fantastic. I was in fact having lunch with a client so I tried to hold myself in a little, but the sommelier scented my interest and a glass of La Bota de Fino 35 – Macharnudo Alto appeared as if by magic. Will have to write about that separately – delicious.


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