La Antojá

Yet another one of the discoveries from my New Year’s search for new horizons and yet more evidence that madrileños have only themselves to blame if they can’t find a decent glass of wine.

La Antojá is a cosy little vinoteca/winestore and bar in Calle Palafox 1. I strongly approve both of the business model (loads of wines, to drink or takeaway) and the decor (loads of wines to look at) and on both fronts it reminded me of similar establishments I used to frequent during a brief stint in Rome. Has a nice list of wines by the glass including a pretty good selection of 11 sherries – and some good ones too – or for a modest thousand pesetas you can take any bottle of wine from the shelves and crack that if you prefer. (Or crafty looking beers, ciders, and other liquids.)

Food was pretty good too: I had some tasty, meaty, savoury callos with one of my favourite olorosos – the Gobernador itself. It was pretty good value and even the music was top class – when I was in there Thelonious Himself (a perfect accompaniment to callos and oloroso). My one criticism was that there was nowhere to hang my hat, but that, unfortunately, is an all too common problem these days.

All round a quality little joint and the sort of place that should be on everyone’s wine radar. My thanks to Matthew Desoutter who put me on to it with his list of wine haunts – will certainly be infesting this place from now on.


3 thoughts on “La Antojá

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, welcome to the hood! Pleased to say I´ve just got me hands on a bottle of the Raya Barajuela 2015 courtesy of our friend Andres at Vino y Compañia


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