Clos Madrid

A really fantastic lunch today in Clos Madrid, just outstanding. A menu (the “Closicos”) that was just superb from start to finish, flavourful, elegant, superbly executed and fun, from the callos-infused egg yolk at the start to the “find the lady” style petit fours. Lick the plate stuff all the way through, impeccably judged quantities, and superb tempo of service.

And some cracking wines to wash it down, starting with the pure class of the Maruja Manzanilla Pasada and including some really delightful wines and pairings. And readers of this blog need not have any worries about access to top sherries: 19 top wines from El Marco on the list by the glass and bottle, including some absolute gems.

Really brilliant: even a shirker like me feels obliged to write a post!


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