Los Asturianos, Madrid

There is something about Asturias and top quality wine. Recently I have been updating my “where to drink it” page and one of the first suggestions for places I needed to try was this one, and after only one visit it is easy to see why. Just look at the list above – some very high quality and hard to get wines there, and a pretty nice coverage of the range. To quibble, they could probably add a fresher, lighter fino or manzanilla and maybe a youngish (12-15 year) amontillado or palo cortado, but they are definitely way above average as it is.

Even better, on the blackboard (see below) they had La Bota de Manzanilla 55 and La Bota de Fino 54 at the ridiculous price of €3 a glass/€21 a bottle, and even better than that, the friendly waiter also announced he had La Bota de Palo Cortado 52 and charged me that same price. So if you want to treat yourself to a rare bottle or even just glug down some Equipo Navazos at bargain prices (for example, just compare that €3 a glass to this or this) then this is the place for you, and that is even before the food comes into the equation.

But to be quite honest, the food really ought to come into the equation. Up in Asturias they really know how to feed, and the food here is absolutely cracking – just take a look at the fabada below (a bit garish in colour terms, but the beans were butter soft and the sauce and compango was excellent), the cracking bread and the smart little aperitivo of salsichon and morcilla – absolutely brilliant.

So yes, it is staying on the list and now if you don’t mind I am going to rest my eyelids for a while.


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