Amontillado viejo Zuleta

Ths is an old amontillado from a finite supply – no longer being made and only a few cases are left. I got this (and a twin) from the Cuatrogatos Wine Club, a great source for small bottlings, rare sherries and other indie wines. It is by Delgado Zuleta (but don’t look for this on their web). 

Not keen on the look of the cork I must say – not sure how long I would trust that to keep this wine safe.

As to the wine itself, it has a nice orange colour to it but not fully clear. Also has that distinctive refined petroleum nose – sweet, salty, and alcoholic. 

Zingy acidity and sapidity on the palate too – sweetness and a nice hint of burnt wood, then saltiness Maybe a hint of age about it – slightly dusty, astringent vibe and woody, tobacco flavours.

Nice wine, no doubt, one that was brilliant tonight with roast chicken, but while tasty I find its flavours a little on the barrel side. 


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