Era Espacio Gastronomico 

This place is really top quality. Have wanted to go for a while but the opportunity hadn’t come up so seized my chance this week. We made it hard for them – we rocked up on a Monday at 22:30 without warning in a group of 16 – but they took it in stride with style and we just had a blast. 

The surroundings are trending to bizarre (the second floor of Mercado Barcelo, which at 22:30 was all absolutely closed and deserted) but there is no doubting the authenticity, the bar itself is comfortable and frankly it even felt pretty cosy once we got in there. 

The provisions on offer are top drawer – the masses were quite happy with the mejillones, queso, and mojama to be honest, but those were followed by some outstanding callos a la tailandesa and huevos rotos (we took all the huevos they had). Really good stuff – light but really tasty and some fun flavours – and loads more stuff to try if we had had time. 

Even better, the wines. We had some Socaire, Callejuela Manzanilla Madura, Barbiana, Sacristia AB (2a saca de 2015), Fino Santa Petronila, and an oloroso I can’t remember, in addition to some Trenzado, and some pretty nice albillo from Madrid – I am not going to attempt to remember the red wines but the group was pretty into them. 

A really fun night too – David behind the bar seems the kind of bloke you can have a few laughs with and the regulars were a friendly and knowledgeable crew. A really top top spot all round. 


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