Manzanilla Velo Flor 

This is one of the wines of the moment and one I have seen in countless instagram, twitter and facebook photos lately. Even worse, on more than one occasion I have rocked up to find a group of friends and acquaintances with a recently finished bottle. If not actual mental anguish it has been mildy vexing.

It has been worth the wait though. I finally caught up with this in Territorio Era and was most impressed. Beautiful label for starters (although points away for the vinoteca defying non-standard bottle shape), then a luscious old gold colour in the glass. Has a nose of yeasty haybales, roast almonds and above all a big dose of sea air, with iodine and sea salt, verging on rock pools. Then on the palate it is zingy and intense, full of bitter almond, curry and spice flavours. Long, spicey finish.

This is a manzanilla from Bodegas Alonso, one of the more exciting projects in Sanlucar at the moment. You can read all about it here in this excellent piece by Paula Maclean, but for many the words “Pedro Romero”, “Gaspar Florido” and “Ansar Real” sum it up  since these guys have managed to get hold of some of the most coveted botas in the region.

And happily, they are also producing an excellent manzanilla. A really excellent manzanilla in fact, and one worth chasing after.


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