Socaire 2014 

I firat had this last week at Surtopia but having received an emergency aid package from the Cuatrogatos I wanted to give it a proper run out in its own right.

It is a 100% palomino by Primitivo Collantes that I have been looking forward to ever aince I tried its little brother, the Viña Matalian. It is unfortified and has not spent time under flor but was fermented and aged for two years in botas that had formerly held Fino Arroyuelo. 

The result has a beautiful gold colouring and a lush nose with fruit, almonds and sweet herbs as it opens up. It has a chalky touch and is very slightly saline without being zingy – minerals like a chablis as we said the other night. Like its brethren it is long rather than wide – tastier for that time in the barrel but elegant and fresh.

Really good, another Chiclana classic. 


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