Manzanilla la Kika

Not entirely by accident things are coming along in bunches. Here we have la Kika, the manzanilla flagship of the Yuste fleet, with its touching homage to the owner’s mother and it’s outrageously unrackable bottle – not to mention the stopper!

More importantly this is a cracking wine – and a close relation of the Manzanilla Sacristia AB of recent releases (of which I had a glass of the Spring 2016 just last week and the Spring 2015 yesterday), which I believe are taken from the first or second criaderas.

A manzanilla from palomino sourced in Balbaina that has passed through nine classes located in the bodegas of the group in Miraflores, Los Angeles, and Santa Ana. At the end the average age under flor is about 10 years and it is bottled unfiltered and by hand .

I am a bit surprised at how bright and fresh it is compared to my memories of other bottles. It is a bright, sharp gold and has more green apple fruit than I recall. Nice seaside and esparto grass aromas and raw almonds, then similar richness on the palate – very smooth and creamy, punchy yeastiness and a bittersweet, mineral finish: really zingy and fresh. Really quite different to what I expected – I remembered it as more evolved and cheesy – maybe a variation due to spring and winter sacas or time in the bottle? (Wish I had taken better notes.)

Anyway, available by the glass at Territorio Era but hurry – the bottles are small weeny and I am not sure how many they have.


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