Oloroso Juan Piñero 

An oloroso from the same Sanlucar stable as the Camborio, the Maruja, and the Palo Cortado of recent days and another smooth, enjoyable wine.

Whereas the Palo Cortado traces its lineage from Pago de Hornillos and Maruja, this is, like Camborio, from Añina and Macharnudo, although presumably without any biological ageing. It has spent around 12-14 years in a solera with three criaderas and one saca a year.

As you can see the colour is lighter than for many olorosos, a lightish chestnut, and the nose too is relatively fine, with a little bit of strawdust. It is very refined on the palate too – an easy drinking wine with nice nutty flavours and very mellow salinity. A bit more laid back than the palo cortado but with just a touch more concentration.

Another lovely example of a Sanlucar oloroso – really like the style.


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