Manzanilla Maruja

Was in Territorio Era at lunchtime and couldn’t resist a glass of this as a comparison to the palo cortado from the other night. It is by Juan Piñero and is their flagship manzanilla, from palomino fino on Pago de Hornillos, with an average age of 8-9 years from a solera with 8 wines (solera and seven criaderas) and 8-10 sacas a year – highly dynamic you would say.

The result is a classic manzanilla with a rich gold colour, nice herbal seaside flowers and sea air on the nose and buzzy, burning salinity, nice herbal flavours and just a touch of green apple on the palate.

Very drinkable stuff and to me it is fascinating to see how the oxidation transforms it into something utterly different. In fact it would be great to line this, the manzanilla pasada and the palo cortado together.


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