Monopole Blanco Seco 2014 

A much talked about new/old release from Rioja giant CVNE, this is a classic that was discontinued for a good while before being brought back in 2014 to celebrate the centenary of the brand. It gets reported on here because although it is nearly all viura from la Rioja, it has been topped up (somewhere between 15 and 20%) with manzanilla de Sanlucar (and from no less a bodega than Hidalgo-la Gitana). (And because they have it in Territorio Era.)

As you can see it is very very pale in colour. It is possible there is some sea breeze on the nose alongside the peachy, floral viura but I may be imagining it. On the palate again you have a nice combination of white fruit acidity and that touch of salinity – bitey at the front and mouthwatering at the end. The manzanilla definitely adds to the flavour profile too – gives it a bit of savoury depth. 

A fresh, tasty and enjoyable wine and a very happy return. 


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