Amontillado Gran Barquero


Heading to a tasting of Perez Barquero wines at Reserva y Cata in a few minutes and am getting the juices flowing by writing up my note of this from yesterday’s lunch at Territorio Era. (In fact the original plan was just to repost but to my disbelief I discovered just now that I had no post on the blog about it.)

Despite an average age of 25-30 years it has really nice flor effects to it – the nose has nice almonds and yeasty bread – which makes me think it spent a good number of the early years under flor. Then it has a fine, silky texture that you don’t necessarily expect from a pedro ximenez, lovely acidic and or saline bite and a nice elegant palate of roasted, dark roasted almost bitter almonds.

Really top class. Juices are now flowing and no mistake.



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