Reserva y Cata

About time I posted something on one of my favourite spots for picking up interesting wines in Madrid. Reserva y Cata has a cracking range of sherries, with old classics and hard to get modern classics. In fact, this was the only place I know of in Madrid that was selling the Manzanilla de Añada back in the day.

I won’t be able to remember all the wines I have had from here but they have all the Tradicion wines (including different sacas – at the moment three sacas of the fino, and only because I too the last 2014 – but really all you need is the majestic May 2015), they have the wines of Finca Matalian (Arroyuelo, Arroyuelo en Rama, Fossi, and Viña Matalian 2013 and 2015) and indeed this was the first place I found the Viña Matalian. They have had the Maruja, they had the Maruja Manzanilla Pasada (I took the last one) and they also had the Cream. A good source for Fernando de Castilla Antique wines, they had the Williams Vintage Fino, the Guita en rama, they have all the Gran Barquero wines, the Electrico en Rama, in fact I could go on all night (but won’t).

In fact to be honest I may be writing this at the wrong time – they generally have an even better collection  and are expecting some new arrivals shortly, but as is often the case the small production indy sherries you can pick up here run out quickly – only yesterday some joker bought the last 2014 Tradicion and the last Maruja Manzanilla Pasada (he looks guiltily at his wine cabinet).

So get down there – and if you don’t believe me read this piece by proper journalist Spanishwinelover.


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