Fino Trocadero

Picked this up at Reserva y Cata a couple of weeks ago out of curiosity. It is a fino named after the Trocadero railway station (not the Paris “rien arrive” terminus, but the one in Puerto Real, to the South of Jerez on the Bay of Cadiz (where you can also find the fort which the Paris one is named after, the French having taken it off the Spanish at some point)) at the end of the Jerez- El Puerto-Trocadero line and was once one of the key routes for wine exports from the region.

It is an original label, no doubt – industrial engineering and infrastructure don’t tend to feature that heavily on wine bottles in my experience. Diligent research on the web reveals that this comes from an outfit called uno53 but I haven’t been able to work out much more.

The wine is a fino with seven years under flor and is pretty good stuff. Has a pretty nice colour to it and an aroma of seaside docks – piercing and bracing. It shows its age on the palate – a big spike of almost peppery minerals, then bitter, wet salty seaweed, maybe just a hint of bready flavours and nuts. Pretty good, railway style fino.


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