El velo de flor


This blog takes its title from the “veil of flor”, the formation of yeast on the surface of (some of) the wines of Jerez and Sanlucar that is central to the process of biological ageing. It is a fascinating phenomenon and one I have been trying to get to grips with for a while.

Now, and by the miracle of twitter, this morning I came across this superb post, on Enoarquía.com (whose site more than repays a visit, as I have said before). The original is actually from November last year in Spanish, but it has now been translated into English. In whatever language, it is the clearest description and explanation I have read to date and I highly recommend having a read (also gives me an excuse to use the fantastic picture above, which they credit to sherry.org).

In fact since then I have come across a second excellent piece on flor by Jamie Goode, the Wine Anorak himself in a guest post for Sherry.wine. Amusingly he also uses the above stock picture, which appears to be de rigueur (it is certainly a cracking shot), but if you are into seeing pictures of flor (and albariza, and winemaking in general) the place to go is this man’s tweet stream.


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