Manzanilla La Cigarrera

This is a classic manzanilla by the homonymous Bodegas Cigarrera. There is an excellent profile of the bodega – a former almacenista for Lustau – on Sherrynotes.  I picked this up from Reserva y Cata for little more than a song.

The wine has an average age under flor or around four or five years, having passed through 7 “classes” on its way to the solera. Unfortunately no information on the pagos involved – fruit is acquired from the cooperative. 

In colour it is the classic gold straw – the sunset on the picture above makes it look a bit more orange than it really is. On the nose there is sea air and citrus – quite a pungent nose – and if not quite hay bales or flowers then at least dried grasses on sand dunes. 

If you like the nose you will enjoy the palate because it is as you would expect – salty, zingy, a touch of citrus and then the mouthwatering, fresh and more herbal finish. In fact more than herbs it is  like spinach or bitter lettuce. 

Refreshing, bracing stuff. 


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