Manzanilla Sacristia AB 2a saca de 2014 

The Sacristia AB series are wines that have been selected by Antonio Barbadillo Mateos (a scion of the Barbadillo family but independent from the Barbadillo group). The Sacristia AB website surprisingly doesn’t have much technical information on the wines but I gather that these manzanillas, like some other illustrious bottlings, are sourced from Sanchez Ayala. In addition, there has been at least one amontillado and the current release is an oloroso.

I have been undecided about these in the past and looking back at my notes I can see a pattern: whereas I found the 1a Saca de 2013 (preblog) zesty and full flavoured, I found the 2a Saca de 20131a Saca de 2014 and Primera Saca de 2015 variously “shy”, “restrained” and “refined”. On the other hand, I also note that they improved once open – something I find can happen with wines that spend a little longer under flor.

In any event I like this one a lot and it is certainly not shy. Crystal clear (glass above had been in heavy use) and the colour of straw with a hint of orange. A nice acetaldehyde aroma profile with citrus and undergrowth, and on the palate zingy sapidity, sides of the tongue gently ablaze and savoury/citrus flavours. Interesting sensation of bitterness and drying on the top of the tongue and in the corners of the mouth, and the mouth keeps watering, keeping the nutty, bready flavours going.



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