Sacristia AB Manzanilla – segunda saca 2013

It is the colour of regal old gold. Fresh open it is not as aromatic as I expected – haybales but a little muted. Also a little muted on the palate – not at all the intense herbal flavours I remember.

Not sure what to make of this. Has it tired out or merely gone to sleep? Am going to stick it back in the cabinet and try again tomorrow.

Day 2: Still the same colour (obvs). Still not very fragrant – hay bales but in the distance. On the palate it is a little livelier – not intense as such but flavourful, with yeast, saltiness and maybe a hint of cider apples.

In fact as the evening is going on it seems to be opening up more and is an elegant sup overall – not a blockbuster but nice enough.


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