Manzanilla Sacristia AB – primera saca 2015 

Conscience brings me back to this having failed to pay due care and attention to it during a long and riotous night last week. This is one of the wines of the week at the superb Restaurante Vinoteca Garcia de la Navarra.

Darkish in colour and just a little dull rather than crystalline. On the nose it is also relatively meek – haybales and maybe just a bit of ozone, but not a big aromatic manzanilla by any means.

On the palate it has a nice fresh entry and then an intense, zingy salinity, with maybe just a little yeastiness and a herbal/vegetable flavour. It is very, very long indeed, but has quite a lot of alcoholic heat. 

A potent, almost fierce manzanilla but quiet in aromas and flavours. I may have got hold of this too soon/too late – hard to say. 


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