Manzanilla en rama Callejuela – saca de 2016

Was looking forward to tasting this wine. Callejuela is one of the new forces in Sanlucar, the bodega behind the exceptional Manzanilla de Añada and a top class range of manzanilla fina, manzanilla madura, and of course manzanilla pasada (Blanquito). As luck would have it, they had some at Angelita (as you may have realized from the distinctive marble bar top.)

I only had a glass and may need to come back and study this further (apart from anything else, I took no note whatsoever of any information on the label and can’t find any now, so don’t ask me about ages, saca, classes etc). My first impressions are of a heavier, punchier, more rustic style of wine, with more farmyard and aniseed notes in aroma and palate and less sharpness and verticality of profile than the other manzanillas of the bodega. Really characteristic, in fact, of a “river influence” manzanilla.

Vive la différence.


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