Manzanilla fina Callejuela 

Here is a classic manzanilla from a newish, smallish producer that is a favourite of mine. I love the label, which in addition to a picture of the vineyard (big tick) also tells us that they have “10 “aranzadas” [a traditional unit of area like an acre – how much land a man can work in a day sort of thing] in Macharnudo, 19 in Añina, and 30 in Callejuela”. Am having this as an aperitif in the Taberna Palo Cortado – about which more later.

Although it claims to be very pale, I don’t find it pale for a manzanilla – quite a solid gold colour. On the nose it is punchy and slightly citric – more fruit than yeast for me – and again on the palate it is saline and punchy but like a fleshy fruit rather than almonds – very fruity, consistent texture. Then a nice mouthwatering, fresh finish.

Refreshing manzanilla, but with a pleasing fruity character.


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