#sherryTT: palo cortados – my tweets


I retrieved these tweets from last night’s stream in order to write up my notes but to be honest I rather like them so here you have them. (You can see that on more than one occasion I was responding to my co-tweeters – sorry but I just didn’t have time to dig out all the tweets but I reckon they are still findable on twitter with the hashtag #sherryTT. There are also a lot of cracking comments from Jerez.)

As you may recall from yesterday’s post, the wines in question were: Viejo CP by Valdespino, Antique palo cortado by Rey Fernando de Castilla, VORS Palo Cortado by Tradicion, Privilegio 1860 by Emilio Hidalgo and Apostoles by Gonzalez Byass. It was a cracking tasting and we seemed to rattle through them – here were my thoughts as we went.


  • nice and elegant, bit quiet before the swirl, a sweet nose with buttery notes
  • maybe a bit of polish but I find the nose very balanced – not too sweet or salty
  • youthful on the palate – not at all astringent, nicely integrated salinity, even a bit of yeasty fruit
  • burnt caramel flavours that cling on for ages – stays in good shape too


  • maybe a shade darker, lovely crystal clarity
  • more polish in the nose, orange peel and walnuts
  • good call [by another tweeter] on leathery, and also that touch of sweet spice
  • structured on the palate: a quiet start, mellow salinity and acid, big woody astringency and a lovely long citrus finish
  • very mellow on the front in fact – and very long on the back


  • darker and more red in colour – hazelnut – and for me this one has the smokiest nose so far
  • smokey, orangey, tangy caramel nose
  • I find this a real kicker on the palate – zingy (almost stingy) first up, fading to burnt caramel and spices
  • it is brilliant – a real journey across the palate. Caramel but also smokey spice. On the back it becomes very citrus
  • really is long – eternal


  • my glass appears to be half empty (kidding)
  • brilliant red colour – like a proper old ruby
  • huge nose on this – napalm in the morning, with rainforest burning in the background
  • incense is a great shout – and tobacco – massive nose, maybe a raspberry liqueur?
  • wonderful on the palate – slightly bigger entry, real bang of astringency and salinity and then the wisdom of age
  • seriously, where is the rest of the glass?
  • gentlemen’s club is a great call – one where someone was making toffee and wine in the basement!


  • lovely rich dark colour like a christmas/Dundee cake
  • again smooth on the entry, then some zing on the tongue and then rich fruity followed by tobacco and cedar
  • noticeable raisins and walnuts here, concentration
  • lovely integration here, I like the sweet coffee description: bitter and sweet and both are good
  • the sweetness hangs around a long time on the palate and is less integrated at the back – a bit two pronged
  • last word – now I get pine trees and sap, a real evolution


  • #ViejoCP after the others, like a buttery, zingy chardonnay – very drinkable and light
  • #antique a light touch but some serious notes in there – lovely
  • #tradicion super structure, lovely smokey citrus flavours
  • #privilegio really awesome, so much power, so many flavours, so light on its feet
  • #apostoles a lovely bitter coffee sweetened with cane sugar and steeped in cedar – very smooth

#podium – very difficult, but probably 3 – Tradicion, 2 Apostoles, 1 Privilegio


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