#sherryTT: A twitter tasting of palo cortados with SherryNotes

Feel that I must quickly post about a brilliant event organized by Ruben at SherryNotes tonight. A tasting of five excellent palo cortados: Viejo CP from Valdespino, Antique from Rey Fernando de Castilla, Tradicion, Emilio Hidalgo Privilegio, and Apostoles. We tasted them as a group but a group all over the place – London, Madrid, Paris, Belgium, amongst others – using twitter (you can see the comments in real time by looking at the tag #sherryTT).

It was a great event – great wines, a nice group with some excellent thoughts, and even contributions from luminariea such as Edouardo Ojeda, Jan Pettersen, Fernando Martin Hidalgo, Jose from GB, Beltran Domecq and Cesar Saldaña (with Antonio Flores chipping in on Twitter from elsewhere). Most of all it was a feat of organization by Ruben – a great effort.

All the wines really were good. The Viejo CP was a lovely elegant, light butterscotch wine, the Fernando de Castilla has a light touch but some heavy notes, the Tradicion had a super structure, the Privilegio was just awesome and the Apostoles was a balance of contrasts like a hot, sweet espresso.

Really excellent event and a great opportunity to taste a range of palo cortados together. Many thanks again Ruben. (My tweets are compiled here.)


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