Del Duque Amontillado Muy Viejo

The second of my mini bottles of these old old Gonzalez Byass gems.

According to the GB website this solera dates from 1835 and the wine has spent an average of more than 30 years in oak butts (I assume this means 30 years of traditional ageing, in addition to whatever time spent under flor at the outset, but it is not 100% clear). Unlike the other wines in this rare old solera range, this is 100% palomino with no Pedro Ximenez whatsoever.

It is a deep but slightly yellow brown in colour – not as much red as in the wines of the last few evenings. For its age it has a relatively youthful (by which I mean not dusty or leathery) aroma, it is really nutty and, well, very powerful.

On the palate it is concentrated – a really powerful salty zing to it over the tongue – and incredibly dry. It has a lack of astringency compared to a really old oloroso or palo cortado, a characteristic that I love about amontillados, but the flavours are dry and woody – roasted and burnt nuts rather than toffee.

Another really serious wine. Excellent.


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