Formula Barra de Angelita (and some extras)

My first opportunity for lunch out in a little while and I made a beeline for Angelita Madrid. For the last couple of weeks they have been tweeting about their new “Formula Barra” and a fella was intrigued.

And I have to say it looks like a winner. For the measly sum of €18 you get: a starter, which in this case was half of one of their legendary tomato salads, no less;  a main course which will vary but on this occasion was some absolutely cracking mushrooms and egg (not a food blog, don’t ask me the variety); and two cheeses (a Brillat Savarin and some shavings of manchego); together with, and this is the important part, two glasses of matching wines, in my case a fruity Arbois red and a very nice albillo. With this being Angelita Madrid, the emphasis is on harmonies and you will almost get something new and interesting to try.

It being Friday and the end of a long week I chose to bolt on some extras – half a manzanilla pasada at the top and half a palo cortado at the bottom. In my defense, however, any time you see an Equipo Navazos that ends in “0” you should jump on it (in fact any Equipo Navazos, but especially the “noughtie” manzanilla pasadas), and after the tasting I did with Tradicion on Monday night I was intrigued to try their VORS Palo Cortado again.

More importantly, on any other day the formula barra would have been perfection. Frankly I nevery thought Angelita was expensive – to be honest it is hard to put a price on what you get when you go there – but this really is inexpensive and I would and will recommend it to absolutely everyone (in fact I am doing).


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