Oloroso “Pata de Gallina” 

One of Lustau’s “Almacenista” bottlings, this one Juan García Jarana. As you may have seen, I tasted this in the presence of callos, and some really good callos too (the smokey chorizo gives them a really meaty flavour) so you would say this tasting didn’t exactly take place in “laboratory style”conditions.

The superb palo cortado I love best by Equipo Navazos is also called  Pata de Gallina and was also sourced from botas at this same almacenista – in fact I wonder if it was sourced from the same botas. Hard to compare at a distance but this has a lot of the same characteristics.

For a start, it has a lovely dark chestnut colour – maybe slightly darker than the Equipo Navazos bottling – and a very nutty, deep caramel nose, with that come hither smell of sweetness. On the palate it has an intense but pleasant acid buzz (here in particular the callos may have helped) and then it is very tastey and concentrated, with a deep caramel flavour, no stickiness (all the stickiness came from the callos) and no astringency. Very elegant in fact.

Really an excellent oloroso.


4 thoughts on “Oloroso “Pata de Gallina” 

  1. I love this one as well, it’s great. And to know García Jarana is actually running a motorcycle shop and making sherry in his spare time…


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