Oloroso Pata de Gallina Juan Garcia Jarana

The last wine of the Almacenistas tasting was this lovely Oloroso by Juan García Jarana. It was the only wine of the cata that I knew of beforehand and one I was looking forward to seeing again and learning more about.

It has been aged for an average of 15 years, is about 20º proof and comes from a solera of 38 butts. Apparently the name “pata de gallina” is a distinction given to wine that has a higher than average amount of glycerol – making the wine seem rounder and fuller than it might otherwise be. Whatever the reason, this is a little gem.

It is a crystal clear chestnut colour with a little more red and a touch less brown than its predecessors (this would have been a good cata for a side by side photo of all seven, had it occurred to me at the time). Almonds were a bit of a theme in this cata and here again there were almonds on the nose with sweet notes too and mineral smokiness underneath. Then on the palate it is full of flavour – zingy buzz to it and nice caramel, almond flavours, but spicey rather than bitter or astringent – very nice harmonious shape to it.

A really beautiful little wine – and my favourite of a very strong lineup.



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