Taberna Palo Cortado 

One of my new year’s resolutions is to spend a lot more time in this fantastic sherry-lovers paradise. Unforgiveably, and frankly unexplainably, I haven’t been since last July.  The loss is mine.

No photo of the list of sherries because (a) I am not that good at this blogging lark and (b) it would need several pictures anyway. It is certainly the best such list in Madrid – at lunch today I had a choice of at least five olorosos I had never tried before by the glass, and Paqui gave me a manzanilla I had not tried without even asking.

And as you can see from the above, the solids also have substance. The callos can be described in two words – im presionantes. Again, I didn’t study the menu in detail (once I heard the word callos … ) but rest assured, there will be further reports.

Will write up the two wines anon but for the moment ¡Viva la Taberna! ¡Viva Paqui!


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