Cobijado 2013


Lunch in La Taberna de Pedro to start the week off properly and one of the wines of the week is this from the province of Cadiz. According to the blackboard it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Tintilla de Rota – the autoctonous red grape from Rota that is back in vogue – and according to the label it is a creation of Jaime Carvajal in partnership with Barbadillo. 

It is very good. It is a purplish burgundy in colour and slightly turbid. It has a nice blackberry jam nose with maybe a bit of undergrowth and spices. On the palate too there is more rich, jammy dark fruit, maybe a little bit of dryness in contact but a sticky, fruity sweetness that lasts a good long while – maybe even a bit of chocolate or something (have now run out so cannot go further).

And with it, a stewed wild partridge – not normally my bag (work to meat ratio) but tasty stuff. 


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