3 en rama – day 2

all three.png

Always think it is interesting to see how these develop once open – if you don’t agree feel free to skate on, as they say.

One day on I would say all three wines have quietened down a little in terms of punch – they seem that little bit smoother – but they are still full of flavour.  The biggest change is in the manzanilla – today I am really struck by the smokey mineral finish to it, which I like very much. The fino del puerto – probably my favourite yesterday – hasn’t changed as much but has also come on a little. The fino de jerez is also a little more approachable (or am I just forewarned, expecting the big sensations of yesterday) but shows the same characteristics – a really nice fino with citrus edges.

Yet again, a great little collection – would love to know more about the source of the mosto, the age under flor, criaderas, sacas etc – will see what I can find out.


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