Manzanilla 3 en rama – spring 2015  

I have been after these 3 en rama for a while – a set of a manzanilla (Sanlucar de Barremeda, obviously) and two finos (from Jerez and el Puerto de Santa Maria respectively) all en rama by Lustau and their star enologist, Manuel Lozano. He picked a very small number of botas for this bottling.  I picked them up this week and here we go.

First up is the manzanilla. It is a rich gold with a note of green. The nose is mineral, ozone/sea air, and a fresh, raw yeastiness – more bales of green grass than bales of hay.

It is full of flavour, again zingy minerals, nice salty water texture and a full mouthful of yeasty, herbal flavours. Minteral on the finish – a nice smokey finish in fact.

Very nice wine indeed. Good start to the evening.


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