Fino 3 en rama de Jerez – spring 2015

Number 3 of the 3 en rama (after the manzanilla and the  fino de el Puerto) this one is a fino from a solera in Jerez de la Frontera itself.

The colour here again is an attractive gold – doesn’t seem to have the green or yellow tinges of its brethren. On the nose there is sea air, yeast, nuts and maybe a little citrus. Definitely more haybales here than green grass – really nice nose.

On the palate there is that mineral punch – you can really detect that these three wines are from the same maker – although in this wine the flavours are straightaway bitter almonds, and some citrus, which takes over so that the tail end of the flavour is more bitter citrus – a grapefruit like flavour (without the acidity).

Mineral, punchy, flavourful stuff – with those citrus and bitter flavours that are not quite my bag but this is proper fino, no doubt.


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