Three Manzanillas

Had three cracking and very different manzanilla en rama this last week and the differences made me reflect. Here we have three 100% palomino wines, made into manzanilla in the same small town but utterly different. Without reproducing the notes all over again I think they could be summarised as follows:

  • First, the Manzanilla 3 en rama had a nose of ozone and sea air and a palate full of zingy minerals, with a smokey finish.
  • Second, the Solear Winter 2015 was aromatic and juicy – vegetable, herbal and nutty – with a solidity and meatiness to it.
  • Finally La Guita en rama october 2015 was again different, with a more delicate, floral nose, a finer texture and very pleasant sweet citrus notes on the palate.

Three lovely wines that I would highly recommend and interestingly three quite different styles within a style. Really shows what can be done and how far we have to travel still in understanding the wines of the region.


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