Maruja manzanilla pasada  

Intriguing label on this one – not a lot of information other than to say it has been under the flor only for a few weeks (the most favourable) per year. I am guessing this refers to the end of its time in the solera and, based on the fact that the Maruja manzanilla has an age under flor of 8-9 years I would guess that here we are looking at the last 1-2 years of a total of 10-11.

It has a rich, orange amber colour which it shows off in a clear bottle. I still have the dog end of a cold but even so this has a big, expansive nose full of yeast, apricot jam and sweet herbs (hay bales and salty oregano).

In the mouth it has an oily texture and a really intense, concentrated structure. A big yeasty opening of apricot jam (the home made kind that is nearly marmalade), really nicely integrated salinity and acidity and a long, long fruity, bready finish.

Really like it – a beautiful wine.




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