Manzanilla pasada Maruja

After the Blanquito yesterday I thought I would try this again because I had a memory of it being quite a contrast (a more organized blogger would, of course, have opened them together, but there we go, you get what you pay for, etc.).

The memory didn’t fail me though: this is a fish of a different kidney. Slightly darker in tone and fuller in flavours, and while the Blanquito made me think of apples and blossoms, this is all herbs, minerals and hay bales on the nose, and really suggests (a dry version of) jammy fruit on the palate. Quite full bodied feel to it too.

This wine also reminds me of one of the most bizarre and controversial tasting notes I have read. I still think it was harshly treated on that day – I love the fruity profile of this and would (and do) recommend it to anyone.




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