Sherry and even further beyond

Back in September I wrote a post in relation to a controversial tasting by elmundovino in which I wondered whether they had been unlucky with some of the bottles they had tasted.

As it turns out, according to a second tasting  published more recently it seems they did indeed, at least in relation to some of the wines of Primitivo Collantes, which I have been tasting recently: the slightly different panel explain that those bottles had been “cooked” on their travels to Madrid in the summer heat and in the new tasting (which is in general rather more upbeat), Fossi and the Arroyuelo Fino en Rama get bumped up from “ok wine” to “good wine”.

To my mind there are still some questions about the September tasting – I would rate those too another notch up and, in particular, the tasting of the Maruja manzanilla pasada seems to me to be out of whack. Nevertheless, for now at least some justice has been done. More generally, it is great to see some new wine names in this new tasting. I am particularly keen to get my hands on some of the Barajela wines by Willy Perez so if anyone sees any around Madrid please give me a shout.


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