La Chula de Chamberi

This here is what I mean by a small but perfectly formed list of sherries – a great mix of styles (fino, amontillado fino, amontillado and oloroso) and of palomino (La Panesa, El Tresillo, Micaela, Gobernador and Fernando de Castilla) and PX (the capatazes).


It also forms part of a fantastic selection of wines by bottle and glass in general – here is the current edition.

And even that doesn’t do full justice to the remarkable Ana Losada – a gem of a sommelier – who often surprises the thirsty with something out of the box.Today she gave us a fantastic amontillado I had never heard of (and forgot to take note/photo of – see earlier blogging fails) – I will clearly need to return.

In fact, this is probably my favourite place to eat and drink in Madrid – not least because the food is every bit as good as the wine. Here is a piccy with the menu but if I start trying to tell you what they have this will become a food blog.


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