La Panesa with … chocolate 

This was an interesting experience – half way through my glass of La Panesa an unexpected pairing was thrust under my nose by the remarkable Ana Losada at the Chula de Chamberi.

Probably the last pairing I would have thought of – seems to break all the rules – and one I am not sure about. The chocolate really accentuates the bitterness, saltiness, and alcohol of the fino – but seems to suppress the umami and the old fruit. It is really interesting, no doubt, and gives you a look at the wine from a different angle. It also has that salty chocolate vibe. Having said that, not sure if it passes my pairing test: do I like the fino better with the chocolate, and vice versa?

Maybe with any other wine – when it comes to something as beautifully balanced as La Panesa I am less prone to adventure.


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