The flock

Here they all are together: four years and sixteen seasons worth of sacas of this brilliant manzanilla by Barbadillo from the pioneering series that first started way back in 1999.

Despite my haphazard approach to collection, which frequently involves accidental consumption, thanks to a generous and very thoughtful gift from the guys at Barbadillo I was able to fill a couple of gaps in the flock and, with the most recent additions the family is as follows:

We are now at the point where their sheer is pushing the frontier of my ability to take their picture together – will have to have a word with my man Abel Valdenebro and, who knows, even maybe use a camera.

Anyway, if you haven’t had the chance to try them then I can’t recommend them highly enough. Even if it were not for the series, the ideas that they represent or the lovely animals depicted on their labels they would be worth seeking out for the most important reason of all: the liquid in the bottles. Always one of my favourite manzanillas, with just enough haybale and malty aroma and a deep inland, spicey juice and herb, salt and pepper character. But then there are the variations from saca to saca. Magnificent stuff.


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