Manzanilla en rama Solear – Saca de Otoño 2015 – again

Picked up a couple more of these and am glad to report that this one is just as juicy as the first one I opened a few weeks ago.

First, an apology. When I last wrote about this I referred to a “rat” – a reference which was a long way from the mark. The label is in fact a dormouse or “liron careto” aka “dormilon del antifaz” (masked sleepyhead) and a handsome little beast.

More importantly, the wine is a little beauty too. Lovely rich old gold in colour and a big aromatic nose of salty hay bales and sweeter kitchen herbs like oregano. The mouthfeel is fatty and lush and it is really juicy: lovely herbal, yeasty, vegetable flavours – a long toasty taste like a vegetable pastry.

I really like it – will have to hunt out a magnum of this one.


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