Dear Reyes Magos, I have been a very good boy this year …

Specifically, I have kept my new blog reasonably up to date, I have tried a goodly number of wines of every kind of feather and fur, I have shared my thoughts whenever I could remember them, I have shared pictures, some of them in focus, and I have included links to more knowledgeable/thoroughly researched blogs whenever possible.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be greedy. I wouldn’t dream of asking for more of the wines I have already had (the Privilegios, Toneles, 1874s, 34s, Panesas, Santa Anas, El Cerros, etc, etc, etc – see previous posts ad infinitum).

So please can I have:

  1. Saca 2/11 of the 2012 Callejuela Manzanilla de Añada
  2. Volume II of the Pitijopos
  3. Willy Perez’s Barajuela fino (and the oloroso, the Samaruco and the Garum while you are there)
  4. Primitivo Collantes’ new wine from Finca Matalian
  5. The 2015 Palmas (and a fino en rama etc)
  6. Ramiro Ibañez’s Pandorga (and the new Encrucijado when she comes)
  7. The 2004 Savagnin Vignes de Mon Pere de Jean-Francois Ganevat
  8. A 70 year old Toro Albala Convent selection (ahem, “the” 70 year old)
  9. The Barbadillo Reliquia Palo Cortado
  10. One of these biologically aged, oxidized Ruedas that are said to be hidden in family vaults up there

Yours &C,



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