La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada 70 – Magnum

I read somewhere on twitter that a magnum is the ideal size for two people, provided that one isn’t drinking, and in the case of this wine at least I fully agree (my apologies for not giving the source but I didn’t take note and often get these things wrong). The guys at Coalla Gourmet had this as their wine of the week recently so I did the prudent thing and picked up a brace (you never know when a friend may pop round).

I wrote about this wine as recently as November but to be honest it is one that is so good it bears repeating. It is the latest in a long line of excellent manzanilla pasadas drawn by the guys at Equipo Navazos from the solera that also houses La Guita – and having got to know the La Guita en Rama (note to self: must be time for a new saca) there is a clear family resemblance. But whereas the en rama is chalky and delicate with a citrus influence this has a much more robust character. Sharp, zingy minerals there but also richer fruit, more in the line of roasted apple. It also has the lovely rich texture of these older biological wines. (And this is old alright: they estimate that it has been an average of 13 years in the making.)

Really a fantastic wine, I vote for a release of double magnums!


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